Activeship TMS

Using the Activeship TMS, Shippers can perform simple, single transaction ship and track functions, to handle the real-time, complex, continuous shipment optimization that are required for the most effective supply chain operations. Analysis is now possible before, not after shipment plans are executed, and the benefits are realized, rather than theorized after the fact.

Activeship TMS also offers customized reporting and analysis tools, configurable and accessible through the customer portal.

With Activeship TMS, quoting, shipping, and tracking system is accomplished through a simple, easy to use web-portal, customizable to streamline shipment execution and control

Frequently used addresses and product lists can be pre-loaded to increase accuracy and efficiency. All of your shipments can be rated, shipped and tracked in one place, and copies of important shipment documents are available for viewing and downloading whenever necessary.

Ship LTL, Truckload and intermodal, or any type of expedited, time-sensitive shipment quickly and easily. For routine shipments that don't require special care, shipments execution and management are simplified for total customer control. For those shipments requiring special attention, out transportation professionals are available instantly through Chat, or through email or voice communication to make sure that every transaction meets or exceeds expectation.

Tracking and tracing information is available in real-time, and can be viewed through the Activeship portal, or transmitted directly to an existing Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) or Transport Management System (TMS).

Shipping data is available for analysis in Activeship TMS, with all of the customized reporting and functionality of the Activeship TMS

Warehouse Management System

Our cloud-based, real-time warehouse management system offers industry leading technology to manage and control your inventory. Our user-friendly, customized web portal provides total visibility from any web-enabled devise. Powerful Reporting and Status Updates

  • Instant global inventory visibility (for you and your customers).
  • Standard and customizable reports- allowing you to view real-time inventory status, shipment status, parcel tracking information - and more.
  • Automatic email notification of key warehouse events (e.g., receipts, shipments, etc.)

The Right Capabilities to Increase Productivity and Profitability

  • Full order management with direct EDI support, order imports from Excel, or manual data entry (by warehouse staff or your customers).
  • Customizable packing slips.
  • Order allocation management.
  • Pick management (FIFO, bin-priority, etc.)
  • Receive, store, pick and report on material by pallet ID number.
  • Manage inventory by lot number, serial number, and/or expiration date.
  • Send advance shipment notifications (ASN) electronically to suppliers or retailers.
  • Mobile barcode scanning for increased accuracy.
  • Manage full kitting and assembly functions.
  • Direct FedEx & UPS integration to streamline operations
  • International dates and time zones, currency, metric dimensions and weight support.

Our WMS supports a variety of common EDI file protocols including X12 (940/945), Fixed-position flat file, Tab-delimited, and XML (via FTP or Web Service Call). In addition, when doing EDI on behalf of your trading partners -- we support auxiliary needs including retailer certified UCC-128 labels, retailer 856 shipment notifications and EDI 753 communication with retailers.


Our mobile barcode scanning functionality is designed to help businesses increase productivity, improve data capture accuracy, and provide our clients with the latest information in real-time. The capability supports all core warehouse functions including:

  • Receiving
  • Pallet ID/License Plate Number label printing
  • Put-away
  • Moving
  • Picking
  • Packing - with carton level detail for EDI transmission
  • Billing Wizard™ integration
  • All functions support lot number, serial number, expiration date and/or pallet ID

Global Mobile

Access to the Activeship TMS on your smart phone or tablet quickly and easily. We've designed our system to enable our clients on the go to perform all of their shipment execution and management functions using mobile devices. So you can get quotes, dispatch and track shipments form anywhere.

Live Chat

New to our programs? Not sure of the right mode for your shipment? Or, have questions about creating or running reports? Just click the CHAT button and you'll be connected to one of our experienced freight logistics professionals